Stitch with the stars with our premium embroidery thread: Mouliné Étoile. Reminiscent of stardust, Mouliné Étoile features a brilliant twinkle effect.

This cotton floss will add a delicate shimmer and elegant sparkle to your next handmade project. The 6-strand divisible thread is available in 35 amazing shades and will add an irresistible effect to your next work of art. Add the full range to your collection with one convenient pack. 

  • Skeins measures 8 meters in length. 

  • Skein size 25.

  • 73% Cotton / 27% Polyamide

  •  35 colors 

  • Ideal for cross Stitch and Embroidery

Suggested Needles:

                                                   Strand Count          Embroidery         Quilting        Tapestry

                                                   One to Two             Size 9 & 10          Size 10           Size 26  

                                                   Three to four          Size 8                                          Size 24

                                                   Six Strands              Size 3                                          Size 22