Introduce A Friend Credit Coupons

How It works

When you sign up or buy from Naki Threads for the first time we will send you your own unique code

Give this to as many friends as you like over the next 6 months (ending 29th Feb 2020) and when they sign up and buy over $100 they will get 10% off that order and we will log a $10 credit to you.

At the end of each month we will send you your credit amount that you can use on an order or save it up and use it at the end (29th Feb 2020) at that time you will have 60 days to use it.

But work fast as your friend will also have their unique code to give to their friends and some of their friends may be your friends.

As a bonus to you If you buy from us again over the next six months and you spend over $100 use your Unique code to get 10% only off that sale 

Note only one code can be entered at a time

Special conditions apply  Naki Threads has the right to stop this promotion to any customer/s that we feel are not using correct information to obtain special codes.

If your friend uses your code and its not over $100 they won't get there 10% and you don’t get the $10 coupon  

If 7 friends sign up and spend over $100 you will earn $70 coupon to spend with any Naki Threads items. 

When you use your own unique code for sales over $100 you only get 10% off that sale No $10 Introduce A Friend Credit Coupon will be Issued. 

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Where and when to enter code

On the first page of your shopping cart